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Invisalign and Clear Correct are clear aligner trays and an alternative to traditional metal braces. The invisible brace system can be removed when you eat.


Depending on your specific dental needs, our doctors will determine which clear tray system is best for you.  Clear trays are changed every 2-3 weeks as your teeth gradually shift into a beautiful smile. Visit the Invisalign and Clear Correct websites for more details.  Schedule your consult with us today 724-438-0241


Invisalign, Clear Correct and SureSmile

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is an affordable and practical option if you have crooked teeth. Six Month Smiles provides you with straight teeth in an average of six months with clear braces. These braces blend in with the color of your teeth using tooth-colored wires. Unlike clear aligner trays that require strict compliance and longer treatment times, Six Month Smiles braces are not removed during treament, which leads to 100% compliance. Also, like traditional braces, Six Month Smiles can treat more complicated cases that are not ideal for aligner systems, but are still more esthetic than metal braces.


Traditional metal braces can take two to three years in terms of treatment time. Six Month Smiles braces also cost less, typically 20%-30% cheaper than regular braces and are worn for an average of 6 months. Ask about the process so you can begin the path to straightening your teeth.  Visit the Six Month Smiles website for more details.  Schedule your consult with us today 724-438-0241.

Straight teeth don't require years of treatment anymore.

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We straighten teeth without metal braces

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Multiple options

Did you wear braces as a teenager and now your teeth have moved? Are you an adult that was told in the past that you need metal braces and 2 years of treatment? Do you have a big event in the next year and do not want to be embarassed by your smile? Have you ever said, "I can't afford straight teeth"? If you answered YES to any of these questions, know that you have more options than you realize.


At the office of Dr. Jonathan Krizner and Dr. Jennifer Harr, we recognize that each patient and their dental needs are unique.  We feel that everyone should have an affordable, esthetic, and stress free option for straighter teeth. We will discuss your treatment needs, goals, payment plans and timeframe to help determine which option is best for YOU.  Schedule your consult with us today at 724-438-0241.