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• Traditional dentures are made after your gums have healed.


• Immediate dentures are made before your teeth are extracted and can be placed the same day the teeth are removed.  With this option you never have to go without teeth.  After you heal you will need a reline impression to fill in the denture where the gums have shrunk from healing.


• Implant dentures are also an option.  This includes the "All-on-4", also known as "Teeth-in-a-day", implant procedure. Check out our implant page for more details.


• Partial dentures are used when you have missing teeth but still have natural teeth remaining.  The partial is connected to your natural teeth using a metal attachment.

Full or partial dentures? We'll answer your questions

Helping to care for your dentures

Dentures need daily care just like teeth do so you can avoid bacteria from growing inside your mouth. Brush your dentures using a soft brush and rinse them after every meal. Dentures should be removed every evening to allow your gum tissue to breathe.


When not wearing your denture, they must stay moist. There are many great ADA-approved solutions on the market, and we'll make sure you have the right one. If your dentures do break for any reason, contact us for an appointment immediately.

Dentures have the ability to give your mouth a natural look.

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Personalized and customized dentures that look natural

Denture Repairs

We have a denture lab in our office and offer same day denture and partial repairs so you can get on your way.  


Are your dentures loose? We can improve the fit with a reline procedure.


Repairs are completed at our in house denture lab.

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  • Cracked

  • Broken in half

  • Missing a tooth

  • Reline a loose denture

  • Add a tooth after extraction

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